Destination Dating With Mist Victoria Falls: Zambia vs Zimbabwe

Hey there, hot stuff! We hear you're in the market for a hot date with one of nature's most breathtaking beauties. Meet the sensational Mist Victoria Falls – she's ready and waiting for you to end her dry spell. But here's the twist: she straddles the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. So, how do you decide which one of the two to choose? Well, we break down their best features to help you choose.

2. o2a-victoriafalls-zimvszamblo.jpg Isn’t she just so pretty in pink?

Let's Get Acquainted with Our Dazzling Vicky

Before you pick your side, let's get to know our darling Vicky. She's a timeless beauty, 25 million years young, captivating hearts since forever. Standing tall at 108 meters and flaunting her curves for over 1,708 meters, Vicky is simply irresistible. Imagine Niagara Falls doubled but with twice the charm!

She adores rainbows but throws in a moonbow every now and then to keep things interesting. And as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, she's got the ultimate stamp of approval from Mother Nature herself. So, get ready to be swept off your fabulous feet! Just remember, safety first, darling, we wouldn't want any literal sweeping!

Zimbabwe: Vic the Vibrant

If your ideal first date involves an adrenaline rush, a hint of romance, and a touch of luxury, then Zimbabwe is your perfect playground!

Why Swipe Right?

Wondering if Zim is The One? Here are just some of her best qualities...

4. o2azimvszam-matetsi.jpg Our girl Vic throwing out those dazzling rainbows! Image Credit Matetsi Victoria Falls

Scenic Views to Swoon Over

Two-thirds of the Falls are visible from the Zimbabwean side, so you'll have no trouble finding the perfect backdrop for your Instagram-worthy photos. Plus, with easily accessible viewpoints and luxury accommodations nearby, you can capture the beauty of Victoria Falls anytime your heart desires.

Snapinsta-app-407780500-751739846997599-5277868302180616132-n-1080.jpg Anyone else just want to go to get this Instagram picture? Image Credit: Victoria Falls River Lodge & Amanda Wiggill

Thrills and Chills Await

If you're all about that heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled kind of date, Zimbabwe has got your back! From cliff-jumping adventures (but let's leave the Bella Swan diving moments behind) to scenic helicopter flights and white-water rafting excursions, the options are endless. Boredom? Not a chance. Get ready to dive headfirst into the excitement!

6. o2azimvszam-mpalajena.jpg Every day she paints the sky in shades of pink and orange, Image Credit: Mpala Jena

Night-time Adventures Await

As the sun sets, Victoria Falls Town bursts to life with its vibrant markets, diverse restaurants, and lively bars. It's the perfect place to let loose after a day of exploration. And if you're in the mood for something more laid-back, a sunset cruise down the Zambezi River is calling your name!

Where to Stay in Zimbabwe

So, you've swiped right on the chance to meet Vicky in Zimbabwe, and now the real fun begins. But don't worry about the wooing – that's our speciality, darling. We're all about spreading love in every way imaginable, and we've got a few surprises in store to make your adventure with Vicky truly unforgettable.

7. o2a-zimvszamblog-matetsi.jpg Don't forget to pack that bathing suit, Image Credit Matetsi Victoria Falls

Matetsi Victoria Falls

If you appreciate that boho-chic vibe and like living life on the edge, then Matetsi Victoria Falls is calling your name, and it's calling it loud! This gem is nestled amidst the lush riverine forests along the Zambezi River, where sustainability meets heart-pounding adventure.

Imagine starting your day with a scenic helicopter flight, taking in breathtaking views that'll make your heart skip a beat. And for the thrill-seekers, how about a little bungee jumping action to get the adrenaline pumping?

But hey, romance isn't just about playing it safe, right? That's why you'll spice things up with a touch of danger – a High Tea overlooking the majestic Victoria Falls. Because who says romance can't have a little, well, edge?

8.o2a-zimvszam-vicfallsriverlodge.jpg Speaking about edges... Image Credit: Victoria Falls River Lodge

Victoria Falls River Lodge

If you live for exclusivity and mystery, then the Treehouse Suites at Victoria Falls River Lodge are calling your name! Nestled away on the secluded shores of Kandahar Island and reachable only by boat, you'll discover the Island Treehouse Suites and Starbed Treehouse Suites – the ultimate playground for a flirtatious escapade.

Indulge in cosy hideaways among the rustling trees, where luxurious seating areas and sleek en-suite bathrooms await your pleasure. Slip away together to private decks with tranquil surroundings, or elevate your experience in the Starbed Treehouse Suites with a rooftop sleepout under the dazzling stars.

Snapinsta.app-353655527-651102719797860-7617490798224352570-n-1080.jpg On cloud wine, Image Credit: Mpala Jena Camp and Camille Fly McGarry

Mpala Jena Camp

If you're craving some barefoot luxury for the ultimate date, then you've hit the jackpot at Mpala Jena! Along the dreamy banks of the Zambezi River, this boutique safari lodge is all about laid-back elegance, with its charming scalloped thatched roofs, sandy floors, and a beach bar, with swings yes you read that right actual swings! Talk about indulging your inner child.

Snapinsta.app-333687298-738189474641245-6878587800528868948_n_1080.jpg I mean, it's honestly worth it for the swings alone! Image Credit: Mpala Jena Camp

Kick things off with a wild adventure through Zambezi National Park aboard custom-built Land Cruisers, perfect for snapping those Instagram-worthy shots. Then, it's time to set sail on a wooden dhow for a sunset cruise along the Zambezi River – a chance for you to snuggle close, sip on bubbly, and soak up those stunning views.

Afterwards, retreat to your cosy canvas suite tucked away under the shade of towering trees. Imagine your own private deck, complete with an outdoor bath and shower – talk about luxury! And the best part? You might just spot some wildlife right from your tent.

picnic-pano-01.jpg Sunset bliss, Image Credit: Thorntree River Lodge

Zambia: Zam the Zen

If you're into intimate and adventurous dates, then meeting Vicky in Zambia will leave you breathless. It's all about escaping the ordinary, embracing nature, and adding a touch of danger to spice things up.

Why Swipe Right?

The Zambian side of Victoria Falls will steal your heart if any of these qualities tick your boxes...

10. o2a-zimvszam-tongabezi.jpg This could be you if you swiped right, Image Credit: Tongabezi Lodge

Nature's Tranquility Beckons

Escape the hustle and bustle and surrender to the serene beauty of Zambia's untouched landscapes. Picture yourself enjoying cocktails on leisurely sundowner cruises or strolling along the riverbanks with an extra skip in your step. At every corner, discover moments of peace and calm that'll make you smile.

o2a-zimvszamblog-victoriafallsriverlodge-gosiadulz.jpg Be true to your hues, Image Credit: Tongabezi Lodge

Thrills Await You!

Think Zambia is all about tranquillity? Think again! Get ready for some heart-pounding excitement at Devil's Pool – where you can swim right up to the edge of the Falls! And for a truly unforgettable date, head to Livingstone Island and experience Victoria Falls up close and personal.

o2a-zimvszamblog-victoriafallsriverlodge-blondetravel.jpg Among the wild things, Image Credit: Victoria Falls River Lodge & Blonde Travel

Wild Encounters

Ready to get cosy with Africa's majestic wildlife? Start with a flirty walking safari through Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. Lions, leopards, and you – now that's a trio worth roaring about! And after your wild adventures, how about unwinding with some sundowner cruises?

Where to Stay in Zambia

So, you've matched with Vicky and Zambia is your playground for wooing. But worry not about the art of seduction – that's our forte, darling. We're more than well-versed in making all your luxury dreams come true.

13.o2a-zimvszam-thorntree.jpg Simply stunning, Image Credit: Thorntree River Lodge

Thorntree River Lodge

If you're looking for a date packed with excitement, laughter, and plenty of romance, Thorntree River Lodge will do it for you. Start your date with a sunset river cruise along the Zambezi River – the perfect setting for some playful banter and wildlife spotting.

Feeling adventurous? How about a fun-filled guided canoe safari? You'll paddle through the tranquil waters and see who can spot the most elephants.

Back at the lodge, your cosy room awaits, boasting a private plunge pool for some intimate relaxation and splashy sessions. After savouring some mouthwatering African cuisine, retreat to the communal deck by the infinity pool. With the stars twinkling above and the river flowing below, it's the ultimate spot for stolen glances and whispered secrets.

14. o2a-zimvszam-tongabezi-the_sampan.jpg Go with the float, Image Credit: Tongabezi Lodge

Tongabezi Lodge

Welcome to Tongabezi, where a whirlwind of romance will take you by surprise in all the best ways! Get ready to be swept off your feet, darling, as you dive into a world where every moment feels like a scene straight out of a fairy tale.

First up, imagine Sampan Dining. Can you envision anything more intimate than having the entire Zambezi River to yourselves while your food is paddled out to you, one course at a time? It's the ultimate in private dining – just you and yours, and the river. If you are feeling a little flirty, head over to The Sand Bar, one of Tongabezi's signature experiences. With your toes buried in the sand, you'll watch not one but two sunsets – on the horizon and reflected on the surface of the water – with a drink in hand. Talk about romantic overload!

Royal_chundu_1021.jpg Strip and take a dip! Image Credit: Royal Chundu

Royal Chundu

Say hello to Royal Chundu! Start off with a playful canoe trip to a secret picnic spot on an island. Persian carpets, tapas lunches, and maybe a splash or two – it's the perfect recipe of romance for two.

Next, a sunset cruise along the Zambezi River awaits. Sipping drinks, watching the sunset, and kisses under the stars – sounds dreamy, doesn't it? For dinner, indulge in a Zambian tasting menu, celebrating the flavours of the region with every bite.

With Smoke and Thunder, Get Ready to Meet Your World Wonder!

And there you have it, folks – the lowdown on your soon-to-be fiery fling with none other than the sensational Mist Victoria Falls! Whether you're lured by the pulsating beat of Zimbabwe's culture or the tranquil allure of Zambia, Mist Victoria Falls is yearning for your embrace.

However, here's the best news – you don't actually have to choose! Why have one when you can have both? It's easy to combine Zim and Zam, and our fabulous Travel Experts can recommend even more destinations to add to the mix.

So, why hold back? Seal the deal on your unforgettable holiday today and brace yourself to encounter your very own world wonder!


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