Victoria Falls

Standing next to this largest sheet of falling water will leave you gasping for breath. One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Victoria Falls is a playground, with rip-roaring activities lurking around every corner

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Nature's Playground

Although homosexuality is illegal in both Zimbabwe and Zambia, the Victoria Falls tourist areas are very gay-friendly. Victoria Falls and its lodges are and have been a haven frequented by gay travellers for many years now.

Regardless of the law, locals' attitude towards tourists is generally welcoming. Besides, the lodges we have hand-picked, especially for you, are very welcoming to gay tourists and will orchestrate your trip to not run into any issues. Our guests always rave about Victoria Falls as one of their favourite stops of their Southern Africa tour (although it is impossible to pick favourites!).

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All Your Burning Questions Answered

How Gay-Friendly is Victoria Falls?

Whether you explore the Falls from the Zimbabwean or Zambian side, the tourist areas are very gay-friendly. It is essential to understand that the local law is against same-sex relationships, so it is always good to respect this. However, in the same breath, the Victoria Falls tourist areas are very welcoming towards gay travellers, so you should not run into any issues at all!

Is Victoria Falls Safe for Gay Couples?

Although it is illegal to be in a same-sex relationship in both Zimbabwe and Zambia, locals' general attitude towards tourists is more relaxed, and most tend to be indifferent. However, it is always advisable that you book through a tour operator like Out2Africa, specialising in gay travel, to ensure that you never have to feel even the slightest bit of discomfort! Although you should avoid public displays of affection when arriving at the airport and in public spaces, the Falls tourist areas are a bit of a haven for gay travellers, so you can kick back and focus on one another.

Which Gay-Friendly Destinations Should I Pair with Victoria Falls?

Well, Cape Town is a no-brainer! The Gay Capital of Africa and one of the most progressive cities in the world with thriving LGBTQ+ communities. You also cannot visit Africa without a stopover in the Kruger National Park and Botswana for luxury Big 5 safaris. We can also easily add an island escape to The Madlives, Seychelles, Mozambique or Mauritius your itinerary.

What Are The Best Gay-Friendly Experiences in Victoria Falls?

All of it! If you like getting your heart rate up, you'll be spoiled for choice with activities such as bungee jumping, microlighting, white water rafting, zip-lining, and swimming in nature's infinity pool, Devil's Pool. If you want to wind things down, you can go on spectacular sunset cruises, gorge edge lunches and walking tours. Many of the lodges also offer safari experiences.

What Are The Gay-Friendly Accommodation Options in Victoria Falls?

We have a long list! Whether you want a Luxury Camp or you want to go full-out-glam, we've got the place for you. It also depends on what tickles your fancy and where you prefer to be based.


Unless we have been there, slept in the beds and chatted up the owners, we simply won't sell it.

Let one of our Travel Experts tailor-make your LGBTQ+ African adventure

Let one of our Travel Experts tailor-make your LGBTQ+ African adventure

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