Kruger National Park

Unleash your wild side (grrr!) by stepping back in time for a luxury safari at the Big 5 safari mecca, Kruger National Park. There's just nothing more intimate than being surrounded by only the vast, untouched wild and its residents, trust us.

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Private Luxury Safari Fit for a Queen

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced that shake-in-your-boots adventure of a lion brushing right past your safari vehicle. Or felt more alive than sharing a space with an elephant’s gentle presence.

Sharing moments on a luxury safari is extra special and the most intimate experience out there. Falling under South African law that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, Kruger National Park offers a very gay-friendly safari experience. Many lodge owners and managers gay themselves, we won’t be surprised if you’re tempted to hit on the staff (wink, wink). Whether you fly solo, with a partner or friends, you’ll feel an extra flutter in your heart. An African safari does that to you.

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All Your Burning Questions Answered

How Gay-Friendly is Kruger National Park?

Falling under South African legislation where discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal, you can rest assured that Kruger National Park is very gay-friendly. With a constant stream of international travellers visiting from across the globe, many of them gay, your hosts won’t bat an eyelid. Many top lodges are also gay owned and managed, so they will always go the extra mile to make you feel welcome.

Is Kruger National Park Safe for Gay Couples?

Yes, a million times, yes! The African wildlife doesn’t care who you select as your lover (although they might spy on you through the window from time to time), and the lodges are very accepting and welcoming. As a country, South Africa celebrates equal rights for all, whether you are gay or straight. It is also one of a few countries where same-sex marriage is legal and accepted in the eyes of the law. And with almost no one else around, you can stay focused on each other!

Which Gay-Friendly Destinations Should I Pair with Kruger National Park?

Cape Town is a non-negotiable! As the Gay Capital of Africa, you don't want to miss out on its diverse landscapes and glitzy nightlife. It is also very easy to add a stay to the mighty Victoria Falls, the largest sheet of falling water, to your itinerary. Wildlife haven Botswana is also a must, and if you want to hop on over to an island, you can take your pick between Mauritius, The Maldives, Mozambique or sexy Seychelles.

What Are The Best Gay-Friendly Experiences in Kruger National Park?

Whether you decide to laze in the pool with the occasional unexpected guest dipping its trunk into your pool for a drink, or you want to explore the African wild on foot, it all depends on your mood. You can go for safari drives as often as three times a day — even venturing out at night! End your day with a star-lit dinner paired with an endless supply of the finest wines. Some lodges also offer star beds where you can spend the night sleeping under the stars.

What Are The Gay-Friendly Accommodation Options in Kruger National Park?

Short answer? Unlimited! Whether you want to sleep in a treehouse under the stars or you want a mini apartment as your suite, we’ve got the names of all the places that will make you feel like a million dollars (which you are, of course!).


Unless we have been there, slept in the beds and chatted up the owners, we simply won't sell it.

Let one of our Travel Experts tailor-make your LGBTQ+ African adventure

Let one of our Travel Experts tailor-make your LGBTQ+ African adventure

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