Gay Group Safaris

Three's a crowd, and in Africa, we make it a party with our tailor-made itineraries, complete with bells and whistles like exclusive-use villas, private butlers, and more.

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There's strength in numbers, and travelling with your favourite people in the world can take a vanilla holiday to the party of the decade! There's no better dancefloor than Africa, so let us be your DJ that tailor-makes your dream safari with your closest family and friends.

You've probably always wanted to venture to wild, untamed Africa. However, you probably don't even know about half the treasures you can find here! Now is the time to collectively make your dream come true! If you are still hesitant about travelling to Africa as a gay group, don't be! We've got the most gay-friendly hot spots for you and your crew in Africa.

What makes Africa a groupie-friendly destination? Well, it's home to many luxury boutique hotels, villas, and lodges that you can book for exclusive use. That means absolutely no sharing! It also means your very own butler, chef, ranger, tracker, and more there at your every beck and call. In the current world climate, there's simply nothing more luxurious than exclusivity, wide-open spaces and privacy. And Africa's got all of this in spades.

All Your Burning Questions About Gay Group Safaris Answered

Why Do a Gay Group Safari?

When travelling as a group, you have many exciting benefits. Many of our luxury safari lodges offer the exclusive hire of their properties so that you can have all the privacy in the world. Imagine having a private pool, your own butler — the works! You also don't have to share your safari vehicle with other travellers and can pick or choose your itinerary for the day, depending on your mood.

What Are The Best Destinations for a Gay Group Safari?

Cape Town in South Africa should be at the top of your list! The most gay-friendly destination in all of Africa, you can expect to feel right at home. For a Big 5 safari, Kruger National Park is a safari lover's dream come true! If you want to go for the ultimate road trip, Garden Route is perfect for a self-drive adventure.

What Are The Differences Between a Private and Public Game Reserve?

A private game reserve is simply more exclusive, with fewer safari vehicles blocking your view. These reserves also allow you to go off-road to see the wildlife up-close. If you want to venture out after dark, private game reserves often offer night safaris to see a different side of the wild.

What Experiences Can I Expect on a Gay Group Safari?

Oh, honey! Where do we even start? If you travel as a group, you unlock so many exclusive experiences. You can often book out the entire accommodation and have private experiences without sharing with other guests. Think walking safaris, adrenaline-fueled activities such as ziplining, sipping wine in the Cape Winelands, going on a luxury rail journey, and so, so much more.

What Should I Pack?

"Depending on where you are travelling in Africa, you should always check with your Travel Expert, which preventative health measures you should take. Lucky for you, parts of South Africa like Cape Town and the Garden Route are malaria-free, so you don't have to worry about those pesky mosquitoes (although we still suggest you bring a good bug repellent!). South Africa's weather can change in two ticks, so you should always ensure that you bring warm and cool clothes, regardless of the season. The African sun is also on another level! So please remember to bring and apply plenty of good sunscreen with a high level of protection. Also, remember your sunglasses, a hat, your cossie, your best khaki safari outfits, comfy shoes for hiking, your most fabulous outfit for a night out of the town. However, please remember to leave plenty of luggage space for all your souvenirs and shopping you will do during your visit! You'll thank us later."

Let one of our Travel Experts tailor-make your LGBTQ+ African adventure

Let one of our Travel Experts tailor-make your LGBTQ+ African adventure

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