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You've seen the grandest plays on Broadway and rubbed shoulders with some fabulous folks. However, have you seen the Great Migration? If not, you're missing out. Before the FOMO kicks in, here's everything you need to know about securing the hottest tickets in town.

First things first, you should know that the journey is in constant flux as the animals make their way across the plains in a circuit journey. Just as tricky as it can be to get a table at the trendiest new restaurant, finding the right time and place to see the Great Migration can be challenging. That's why you need someone with insider info who can tell you when and where to go. Well, say hello to our Travel Experts! They've been where you want to go and can curate your dream experience to a tee.

Whether you want to go full-out glam or you want to feel like you've stepped back in time in a glamping Luxury Tent, we will ensure you have the best front-row seat to experience the Great Migration.

All Your Burning Questions About the Great Migration

What is the Great Migration?

In short? A baffling, dizzying display of Wildebeest, along with zebra and gazelle, making their way across the African Plains. But there's more to it — no one truly understands why they do it, except for that they are likely following greener pastures. It is so magnificent that it has been declared one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and rightly so!

Which Animals Take Part in the Great Migration?

Wildebeest are the stars of the show. Approximately 2 million make their way across the plains every year. Their backup dancers as such are the gazelle and zebra, following them on their journey.

Where Does the Great Migration Take Place?

They gallavant across two countries, namely Kenya and Tanzania. Kicking off the show in Tanzania's Serengeti Plains, they go all the way to Kenya's Maasai Mara, before looping back to Tanzania.

When is the Best Time to Experience the Great Migration?

"You can expect this grand spectacle to occur at roughly the same time every year. December to March: there's not much happening as they happily graze in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro in Tanzania. However, it is the cutest time as newborn calves make their debut! April to May: They usually start warming up and moving from Tanzania to Kenya in April to May. During this time, Tanzania's rainfall makes viewing tricky. June: You can get your first proper glimpse of the spectacle in Western Serengeti during this time. July: Ta-da-da-dum...drama unfolds! The animals come across their first major obstacle, the mighty Grumeti River, where crocodiles lurk and drowning is not uncommon. Now, it's Kenya's Turn to Shine. August: The herds make their way to the Mara Triangle in Kenya. However (gasp!), they must cross another river brimming with ravenous crocodiles. September to November: During this time, you can get a good look at the millions of animals streaming through the Mara plains. November to December: It's time for an encore as the herds move back to Tanzania to give birth to their little ones. And so it all starts again! "

Let one of our Travel Experts tailor-make your LGBTQ+ African adventure

Let one of our Travel Experts tailor-make your LGBTQ+ African adventure

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