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Africa is unique in many ways, and her gourmet cuisine is no exception. Bon appétit, darlin'!

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Feast on Gourmet Unique African Cuisine

Is food important to you when travelling? Well, then you're in for a real treat. Africa's unique cuisine options are as diverse as her landscapes and people, ranging from street food to haute cuisine so beautifully presented, it will leave your jaw on the floor and your tastebuds in heaven. Yes, even in the wildest, most remote locations like the bush, will you get the opportunity to savour mouthfuls of expertly married flavours.

This goes hand in hand with wine, of course, and South Africa is world-renowned for its award-winning wines. Mixology is not a lost art in Africa, with a dedicated mixologist and butler at your beck and call at most of the lodges. Suppose you want to be even more experimental and try those dishes genuinely unique to the continent. In that case, the many cultural food excursions on offer in different African countries will blow your mind.

All Your Burning Questions About African Cuisine Answered

What unique African cuisine experiences can be arranged while travelling in Africa?

Depending on where you go and what you're looking for, you'll generally be spoiled for choice when dining. On safari, you can expect food to be an event on its own, from over-the-top high teas to starlit dinners or traditional dishes prepared over the open flames. Or perhaps you want to go on a food tour in the Bo-Kaap of Cape Town, where the Cape Malay spices will leave your mouth watering. If you want to take the taste of Africa back home, there are many interactive dining experiences and classes. What truly makes dining in Africa stand out is the setting, with anything from being suspended in the sky, in a treehouse, cave, in a luxury train carriage - you'll never have to settle for ordinary.

What is the food like while on an African Safari?

We can promise you this: you will never go hungry (or thirsty!) on an African safari. Your day usually starts with a coffee and rusks before departing on an early sunrise game drive. Upon your return, a breakfast spread of note will await! Lunch is also a grand affair, whereafter you will get to indulge in a delectable high tea - an event on its own! Safari lodges tend to go all-out for dinner, with multiple courses paired with exceptional wines and often served under the stars.

Are there any fine dining restaurants in Africa?

Oh, yes, most definitely! In fact, Africa is home to some of the world's leading restaurants. In particular, Cape Town and the Cape Winelands are well-known for luring the most discerning foodies from across the globe to get a taste of Africa. Even those hidden away in small towns compete on the global stage. In the small seaside town of Paternoster, the restaurant Wolfgat was named the top restaurant in the world. The Tasting Room, Chef's Warehouse, La Colombe, and Reuben's in Cape Town are also at the top of many lists.

What cocktails should I try in Africa?

Africa is best known for its excellent wines as well as craft beers. However, you'll get all the usual classic cocktails, from your martini to margarita, in Africa. And if you're on safari, the classic gin and tonic (there will be many different blends for you to try) remain a classic. Although not strictly a cocktail, the local Amarula creamy liqueur is a must! It's the perfect after-dinner treat. And if you really want to go 'local', you should try brandy and coke, a popular option in South Africa! There should also be cocktails unique to the lodge you're staying at on the menu, as well as a couple of shots like the proudly South African Springbokkie (a mix of Amarula and peppermint liqueur). Cheers!

What is Cape Town’s wine and food scene like?

Cape Town is known as the culinary capital for a reason! It's a medley of street food, gourmet grub, and haute cuisine. Some of the world's best wines are also blended right here in South Africa! The country is known for its unique pinotage wine cultivar and all other well-known red and white varietals. If you want a taste of the good life, this is where it's at (and it costs a fraction of what you'd pay in Europe!). The beer, gin and brandy scene is also booming in South Africa.

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