Our Favourite LGBTQ-Friendly Luxury Safari Lodges in Sabi Sand

Welcome to the sensational Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa, where you'll find some of the most fab, LGBTQ-friendly luxury safari lodges. Whether you're a troupe embarking on a bonding adventure, a family crafting cherished memories, or a couple cocooned in newlywed bliss, Sabi Sand offers a fabulous safari escape. Join us as we uncork the essence of extravagance, delving into the realm of five of the most lavish and LGBTQ-friendly lodges that Sabi Sand has to offer.

felix-studios-silvan-safari-may-2023-hero-49-1.jpg So serene, it must be a Sabi Sand safari scene!

1. Silvan Safari Lodge – Nature's Stage is Set 

We'll start our list with our personal favourite, but to prove that we're not alone in our opinion, it's also voted the World's Leading Luxury Safari Lodge! Silvan Safari is designed with a fabulous traveller like yourself in mind. Not only is it adorned with art and décor that will leave you swooning, but it pretty much ticks all the boxes – and then there are some boxes you did not even know a luxury safari lodge could tick!

If you're a fan of Instagram-perfect settings, experiences few are ever privy too, you love big cats like leopards, will sip gin all day long, and love lounging in luxury, look no further. Silvan Safari is big, bold and beautiful, and packs more drama than any soapie ever could.

felix-studios-silvan-safari-may-2023-hero-42-1.jpg The kind of life you deserve

Why It's Fabulous

silvan-safari-luxury-jackalberry-main-lodge-029.jpg Sit, sip, savour, and repeat

2. Lion Sands Ivory Lodge – Where Romance Blossoms

Oh, Lion Sands, you make our hearts sing! A private game reserve, they offer different lodging options for every kind of traveller, but we especially favour their Lion Sands Ivory Lodge and unforgettable treehouse adventures.

Spend your days lounging by the pool with your signature cocktail in hand, watching as wildlife gracefully wanders by, a scene straight out of a safari fairy tale. Enjoy a sunset safari adventure, experiencing the sights and sounds of the wild as twilight descends. Followed by a decadent picnic dinner on the treetop deck, overlooking the horizon ablaze with the colours of dusk. As darkness falls, listen closely as the nocturnal creatures awaken, their calls echoing through the night, creating a symphony of nature's wonders. It's the stuff romance dreams are made of!

Lion Sands_Ivory Lodge_3_Villa Private Deck Overlooking The Sabie River11.jpg Your cocoon of romance, Image Credit: Lion Sands Ivory Lodge

Why It's Fabulous

Lion Sands_Tinyeleti Treehouse_4_Treehouse Day View .jpg Starry-eyed under the starry skies, Image Credit: Lion Sands Tinyeleti

3. Londolozi Private Granite Suites – Where Luxury Meets Legend

Another call for ra-ra-ra-romance! And add to it a healthy dose of wellness. Experience the legendary "Londolozi Feeling" at the iconic Londolozi Private Granite Suites, where the spirit of African safari pioneers intertwines with modern luxury and sustainability. As esteemed members of Relais & Châteaux, Londolozi sets the standard for immersive and eco-conscious safari experiences, inviting guests to embark on a journey of discovery and conservation.

Each of the six suites opens directly onto the river, providing guests with drop-dead gorgeous views of the surrounding wilderness. For those eager to work up a sweat (ahem, the muscle-toning kind!), the lodge offers a full gym and invigorating yoga classes amidst the beauty of nature. However, the true highlight lies in the revolutionary Healing House, where guests can rejuvenate their bodies and souls with holistic wellness experiences inspired by the African landscape.

londolozi-private-granite-rooms-suite-deck-plunge-pool-bath-tub-02.jpg Soak up the views while soaking in your outdoor bath

Why It's Fabulous

londolozi-healing-house1jpg1500x1000q85cropsubjectlocation-750500subsampling-2upscale.jpg The Healing House is the best wellness experience in Sabi Sand

4. Chitwa Chitwa Game Lodge – The Art of Safari

Chitwa Chitwa Game Lodge has stood as a testament to the family legacy, offering an exquisite safari experience finely tuned to perfection for four decades. Among other things, Chitwa Chitwa is renowned for its frequent Big 5 sightings and breathtaking herds of giraffes, ensuring wildlife encounters of the highest calibre.

Each secluded suite at Chitwa Chitwa offers a glimpse into the heart of the wild, overlooking the expansive and wildlife-rich waterhole in front of the lodge. Here, guests can immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of Africa without leaving their suite's comfort. For those seeking a getaway with family or friends, Chitwa House offers a delightful option for an exclusive-use stay, complete with a private vehicle, guide, and chef, ensuring a tailor-made safari adventure of unforgettable proportions.

chitwa-chitwa-game-lodge-interior-bedroom-04.jpg Welcome to your not-at-all-humble abode, Image Credit: Chitwa Chitwa

Why It's Fabulous

chitwa-chitwa-game-lodge-exterior-deck-view-01.jpg Private pockets of LGBTQ-friendly luxury

5. Singita Boulders Lodge – Untamed Beauty and Luxury

Embark on a safari journey at Singita Boulders Lodge, where breathtaking landscapes teem with wildlife, including the majestic leopard and lion. Singita is renowned among safari enthusiasts for providing the most authentic and luxurious safari experiences, and Boulders Lodge stands as a testament to this legacy. Boulders Lodge is more than just a pavilion; it's an ode to nature, wildlife, and luxury. Regularly awarded for its hospitality, you can rest assured you'll be treated like the fabulous queen you are!

Treat yourself to a special tasting of South Africa's award-winning wines in the cellar, or bask in the seclusion of the one and two-bedroom suites. Unwind in the comfort of the spa or lounge in your private plunge pool, boasting panoramic views of the Sand River. A stay at Singita is synonymous with sublime attention to detail, leaving guests yearning for an extended stay after experiencing Singita Boulders Lodge.

singita-boulders-lodge-room-suite-interior-01.jpg We're so here for the natural colours and textures, Image Credit: Singita Boulders Lodge

Why It's Fabulous

singita-boulders-lodge-room-suite-bathroom-02.jpg We have a thing for outdoor tubs and we cannot lie, Image Credit: Singita Boulder Lodge

Experience the Best LGBTQ-Friendly Luxury Safari Lodges in Sabi Sand

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