The Most Romantic Safari Experiences in Africa

So, here's the deal... When you're in a relationship, there are only two things that truly matter, namely, who's the boss of dinner decisions and who reigns supreme over the remote. And let's face it, you often end up rewatching a series and eating from the same places you always do. But fear not! We've got a game up our sleeves that'll settle these disputes once and for all. Introducing: "Like this? You have to try that!" – where we match your movie preferences with the perfect romantic safari experience. So grab the remote and get ready to spice up your movie nights like never before!

Poster Picnic – Out Of Africa

Robert Redford. That's it, that's our whole sales pitch. Cosy up to your version of good ol' Bobby, and do let us know where you found them because some of us are still single! Then, stare out at the magnificent view that's quite literally from the "Out Of Africa" movie poster. There will be checkered blankets, comfy cushions and sparkling wine on ice... The only thing still missing is you!

angama_2021_020.jpg We really think it’s time you got into Africa, Image Credit: Angama Mara

Sampan Dining – The Proposal

Having an entire river to yourself? What could be more decadent than that? If you still chuckle uncontrollably whenever Sandra Bullock and Betty White dance around a firepit in the movie "The Proposal", this is the romantic safari encounter for you. Relax as a delicious meal is paddled to you and your real (or fake) fiancé, and have your very own corny romcom moment!

sunset_sampan_21.jpg It takes two to make a thing go right, it takes two make it outta sight! Image Credit: Tongabezi Lodge

Sandcastle Dinner – Mamma Mia!

My, my, how can you resist us? One look and you're simply hypnotised by the cotton-candy-coloured beaches of Zanzibar! So come on, we're ready to lay all our love on you! If you understood all the references we just dropped, not only must you call us because, same, but you simply must have dinner in a sandcastle on Mnemba island.

o2a-image-@andbeyondmnemba-@chrisjoubert-sand-castle-dining.jpg Mamma Mia, we hope you go here again! Image Credit andBeyond Mnemba Island and Chris Joubert

Salt Pan Sleepout – The Princess Bride

As you wish, our darlings! If your wish is for a sleepout among the crystalised salt pans, then we're ready to be your Westley and make it happen. "The Princess Bride" is a classic for a reason and if watching Princess Buttercup and Westley go on a, at times slightly trippy adventure, we think you would love a night under the stars in Namibia.

salt-pans-sleep-out--4-min.jpg As you wish… Image Credit: Leroo La Tau

Bush Bubble Bath – Pretty Woman

We think it’s time to get a little bit slippery in a bush bubble bath. Soak all your troubles away with a little, or a lot, of bubbly and have your very own "Pretty Woman" moment. While we can’t promise a Rodeo Drive shopping spree with Richard Gere that's "really, really offensive", we can promise a romantic and steamy stay.

pom_pom_-_honeymoon_tent_-_bath_-_1.jpeg I just want your extra time and your kiss, Image Credit: Pom Pom Camp

Fly Camping – Dirty Dancing

Baby, don’t worry, we so won’t put you in a corner! Instead, we'll put you in a lavish setup with a gorgeous view, complete with comfy pillows, lanterns, and a little mini-bar. You can have the time of your life while you watch the sunset and fall asleep to the sounds of the African bush.

legendary_expeditions_-_mwiba_lodge_-_fly-camping_on_the_escarpment.jpg No Dirty Dancing lifts please! Leave that to the professionals, Image Credit: Legendary Expeditions

Silverscreen on a Small Island – Anyone But You

If the phrase "Serenity Song" has recently made its way into your vocabulary then, babe, do we have the beachy vibes for you. "Anyone But You" may have revived the romcom but this little movie date on the beach is going to revive romance for you. Plop down, gracefully obviously, onto your beanbags and watch a movie with all the fancy fixings. Popcorn, ice cream, canapés, sparkling wine and all things fine are all a part of this unique experience.

o2a-romantic-safaris-moofushi.jpg Be honest, you sang "Unwritten" in the car on the way home after this one, Image Credit: Constance Hotels

Hot Air Balloon – The Ugly Truth

Being filled with hot air is usually a bad thing but not in this case! Float through the sky and observe the gasp-worthy fairy circles of the Namib Desert in Namibia and over rock formations where, if you're lucky, you may even get to see a lazy leopard sleeping on the rocks. End off with a glass of bubbles with brunch to top it all off. And that folks, is "The Ugly Truth"!

namib_sky_balloon_safaris_67.jpg Up, up, and away! Image Credit: Namib Sky

Rovos Rail – Casablanca

Of all the gin joints in all the world, we think you should try this one! There's nothing that says old-world glamour quite like a train trip. Watch the various landscapes of Africa roll by, from the viewing deck on the Rovos Rail, making some fun stops along the way. So in this case, we think you should get on the rails so that you can go off on a magical getaway.

o2a-romantic-safari-rovos-rail2.jpg Here’s looking at you kid, Image Credit: Rovos Rail and Garreth Barclay

Sky Suite – 13 Going on 30

Are you thirty, flirty and thriving? Well, then Tuludi’s Sky Suite in Botswana is just perfect for you! If you're still stuck in your "13 Going on 30" era and know all the moves to "Thriller", then this is the romantic safari activity for you. Snuggle up on the couch and gaze up at the endless sea of stars. Dreamy.

tuludi-sky-suite1.jpg We think it needs a little razzle red, Image Credit: Tuludi

Chobe Princess – Titanic

If you're also of the firm belief that room could have been made for Jack on that door, then we have something that's gonna float your boat and blow your hair back! Cruise along the Chobe River in style aboard a houseboat and spend your days lounging in a plunge pool while being served G&Ts. And who knows? You might even find someone who's willing to act out that scene. And no, we're not referring to the one in the vintage car, but buoy, oh buoy, have we thought about it... We mean the iconic "I'm flying" scene! One small edit to the original: we suggest life jackets because safety is sexy!

sunset_with_ichobezi.jpg Luckily, they do in fact have enough lifeboats, Image Credit: Mantis

Mokoro Ride – Chasing Liberty

If the scene where the president's daughter gets a smooch on a gondola has lived rent-free in your head, then we recommend the African version of a gondola ride – the mokoro. While we don't suggest using a mokoro as an escape route for a dine-and-ditch scenario, a romantic smooch while coasting along the channels of the Okavango Delta is something we can get on board with. Literally!

khwai-leadwood-botswana-mokoro-safari.jpg This is much prettier than Venice... yes, we said it! Image Credit: Khwai Leadwood

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

How can we write a blog on iconic movies and romantic safaris and not make at least one reference to "The Lion King"? We just had to! But seriously, there's a great deal of cynicism surrounding romance these days, and we think that's such a shame.

So, be an optimist and embrace a little romance by getting in touch with our fabulous Travel Experts so they can sweep you straight off your feet and onto a plane!


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