Top 5 Gay-Friendly Luxury Lodges in Kruger

If you won't settle for anything but the very best, our top gay-friendly luxury lodges in Kruger National Park will leave you gushing.

Located in South Africa's northeastern corner, this wildly popular safari destination is one of the world's greatest wilderness areas. Its sheer scale, the abundance of wildlife, and ease of access are among the reasons why the lodges in this region are considered to be some of the very best to visit for an authentic African safari. Falling under South African legislation, Kruger National Park is also one of the most gay-friendly destinations on the African continent!

And now, with world-class luxury and eco-tourism colliding, it has catapulted the reserve into a promising new era.

Our Top 5 Gay-Friendly Luxury Lodges in Kruger National Park

In this corner of the wild, 5-star cuisine served under starry skies, expert trackers and guides, and private plunge pools all come standard. So, which of these are the crème de la crème of the lot?

We took a look around and cherry-picked five of our favourites to share with you. You're welcome!

1. Silvan Safari

A safari at Silvan is centred around a complete celebration of unique and exceptional experiences. The lodge's mindful approach honours the intricate manner in which all life is connected, from witnessing the unrivalled spectacle of the African sunrise, feasting on sensational culinary delights, to connecting with the heart and soul of the extraordinary staff.

Silvan is like nothing ever seen before, a wonder waiting to captivate your heart and connect it to the glorious African spirit. From the moment you arrive at Silvan, they start tailoring your experience to spin together you and your surroundings. This results in spectacular experiences that stretch far beyond an ordinary safari.

As the winner of the prestigious "World's Leading Luxury Lodge" title for three consecutive years, you don't need much convincing, do you?

Sunset at Silvan Safari A safari at Silvan is more a sensory delight than a simple bush holiday. Credit: Silvan Safari

2. Londolozi

Londolozi Private Game Reserve is one of the most famous reserves for a reason! Renowned for arguably the best leopard sightings on the planet, this collection of lodges is as close to Kruger royalty as it gets!

The Londolozi Portfolio consists of five luxury lodges, ranging from the family-friendly Varty Camp to the celeb-worthy, ultra-luxurious Private Granite Suites. Each lodge offers a unique design, ethos and ambience whilst consistently delivering the luxurious and immersive safari experiences Londolozi is synonymous with.

Watching elephants whilst bathing at Londolozi At Londolozi, luxury is the name of the game. Credit: Londolozi

Exclusive access, open game-viewing vehicles, off-road tracking, night drives and daily bushwalks are just some of the things that make a safari at Londolozi likely to be the best you'll ever experience!

Blowing your mind already? With the backing of a skilled conservation team, dedicated game rangers and trackers, combined with unique Londolozi hospitality, they will ensure that your wilderness experience is nothing short of fabulous!

3. Chitwa Chitwa

Sunsets over a waterhole at Chitwa Chitwa Watching over the waterhole, Chitwa Chitwa is ideally placed for private game viewing. Credit: Chitwa Chitwa

An eclectic, effortless blend of European style with African chic, Chitwa Chitwa offers an exquisite balance between unbridled luxury and environmental harmony.

At this oasis of conservation, each of the six luxury suites overlooks the watering hole. Picture yourself lounging on your very own private deck, sipping on a cocktail as thirsty wildlife quench their thirst right in front of you.

Luxury and exclusivity flow throughout every element of your stay, from design and décor to cuisine and culinary delights.

Leave the comfort of the lodge for a game drive, and Chitwa Chitwa bursts into life, with thrilling sightings of the Big 5 guaranteed. Guided by expert trackers and rangers, guests can expect some of the finest game viewing anywhere in Africa.

Sounds just marvellous? Trust us, it is!

4. Lion Sands

A wealth of wildlife combined with larger-than-life luxury at any of the five Lion Sands lodges makes for a classic African luxury safari.

Lion Sands' lodges line the banks of the Sabi River and offer varying degrees of luxury. In addition to the two daily game drives, there are plenty of other activities to keep guests busy, with a wellness spa, gym, and a host of indoor entertainment and educational offerings.

The open air Tinyeleti Treehouse at Lion Sands Tinyeleti Treehouse at Lions Sands Tinga Lodge is what dreams are made of in Africa.

The ace up Lion Sands' sleeve is undoubtedly its treehouse experiences. With three of their Luxury Lodges featuring an exclusive open-air treehouse, guests get the chance to sleep under the star-lit skies in absolute luxury.

With nothing between you and the African wild, this is a truly once-in-a-lifetime, hopelessly romantic experience.

5. Singita South Africa

Singita offers visitors a carefully nurtured, lavish, and personalised safari experience that has become their brand's signature all over Africa.

Leopard walking down a dirt road Singita promises spectacular sightings in any season.

The vast savannah surrounding the lodges is dotted with looming acacia trees and teeming with wildlife. Guests are likely to spot a pride of lion, a herd of elephant, giraffe and buffalo, a cluster of rhino, and a host of other species found in the area. Lucky guests may even spot the elusive leopard!

At all three of Singita's luxury lodges, guests have access to spa treatments, gym facilities, a swimming pool, a boutique store and gallery, a library and a wine boutique. So, there's no shortage of options to keep you occupied when you're not enjoying game drives, bushwalks, mountain biking, stargazing, and cultural-community visits.

Let’s Go to Kruger, Honey

Now that you've got the scoop on where to stay in Kruger, you can start planning your gay-friendly luxury escape to the bliss of the African bush with us, and we'll do the rest! Contact our fabulous Travel Experts today.


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