Why We Think You Should Dare to Okavango Delta!

Forget everything you think you know about a luxury African safari experience. That was all merely foreplay, and this is the main event that'll leave you begging for more. We're like the bad-boy billionaire in a romance novel leading you to bigger (pun intended) and better things! This is a trip to the crème de la crème of safari destinations – the Okavango Delta. But why? What makes it so great that it'll blow your mind? Well, buckle up, hun, because we're about to rock your world...

3mokoro-rides-in-botswana-okavango-delta-adobestock61901032-2.jpg Let's get down and Okavango Delta, baby!

What's All The Fuss About?

Let's get real for a second. What is the Okavango Delta? Well, have you ever walked down the street and seen someone wearing clothes that would ordinarily be a fashion faux pas, but this intriguingly eccentric person not only makes it work but is killing it? We're talking cowboy boots, animal print and puffed sleeves. Well, that's the Okavango Delta. It's a world of contrasts that just works.

An 18,000-square kilometre wetland wilderness, it's bustling with wildlife in a vast desert sand basin in landlocked northern Botswana. So essentially, it shouldn't exist and may or may not be defying the natural order of things, especially when you realise that it covers an area roughly the size of Jamaica and can even be seen from space! Yes, space!

So, its icon status is well and truly deserved. And that's without even mentioning the stars of the show – the wildlife..

o2a-Red-Lechwe-sable-alley.jpg Us, if we were a red lechwe, running to tell everyone why they need to get to the Okavango Delta! Image Credit: Sable Alley

Big Game, Big Fame

To summarise the game viewing in the Okavango Delta in one word? Drama. And not just any kind of drama – we're talking about the good stuff. As in "Game of Thrones" level of intrigue, plot twists and world-building. But remember, like any good drama, it starts off slowly and then builds from there. There may or may not be an innuendo in there, but make of that what you will.

But back to the main point – what will you see in terms of wildlife in the Okavango Delta? There are migrating herds of buffalo, lounging lions, leaping leopards and even the occasional cheetahs chasing down an impala for supper. You may even be treated to a show as you lounge in your private plunge pool, staying hydrated with a G&T or glass of bubbly.

o2a-Okavango-Delta-lioness.jpg Eyes on the prize!

Extravagant Experiences

Eccentricity and extravagance often go hand-in-hand, so naturally, the experiences you can have in the Okavango Delta follow suit. So, without further ado, let's get into the dirty details...

lion-cubs-mombo-camp-okavango-delta-botswana-2935.jpg This pic is so cute we just had to include it, Image Credit: Wilderness Safaris

1. Mokoro Rides

Mokoros are little flat-bottomed canoes that are the traditional way to scoot around the Okavango Delta. Think of a gondola, but it's a little more rustic and a whole lot more fun! Once you've comfortably planted your cute derrière in the wide and roomy space, your poler aka guide will stand at the back of the vessel and navigate you through the channels.

As the mokoro dips and sways along the channels, you'll be treated to birds, water lilies, frogs, herds of elephants playing in the water and pods of hippos. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

1N8A9757.jpg We feel "Kiss The Girl" should be the official soundtrack of a mokoro ride, Image Credit: Camp Okavango

2. Scenic Helicopter Flight

Oh, this one's a must! It's almost childlike, the wonder you experience as the verdant landscape of the Okavango Delta comes into view.

A helicopter flight gives you prime views of the landscapes and weaving water channels. You'll see giraffes, wildebeest, zebra, crocodiles, and so much more from this unique perspective!

camp-okavango-activities-helicopter-flight.jpg A helicopter flight on an Okavanga Delta safari just hits different, Image Credit: Camp Okavango

3. Hot Air Balloon

This will most assuredly be the climax of your Okavango Delta safari extravaganza. It's an intoxicating feeling, drifting over the Delta, suspended in a wicker basket.

Think Aladdin taking Jasmine on a magic carpet ride, it's a whole new world with a new fantastic point of view. And it culminates in the royal treatment with a bush brunch, complete with bubbly, once you've landed.

Botswana__OkavangoDelta_WildernessSafarisVumburaPlains_HotAirBallooning4.jpg A whole new world, Image Credit: Wilderness

The Lodges

There isn't any other way to describe the Okavango Delta lodges other than chef's kiss. Okay, scratch that. There are many ways for us to describe just how amazing these lodges are. So, here we go!

Nxabega_dining4.jpg The candlelit dinner of your dreams, Image Credit: andBeyond

1. Jao Camp

A quick description of this lodge would be old-world safari meets steampunk. In other words, it's a little extra, and we're here for it!

The entrance has been described as "being invited into the secret lair of an eccentric mad safari scientist". A giraffe skeleton towers overhead while a curved staircase leads to what can only be described as Hermione Granger's playground. We're talking antique maps, a vaulted library that will make you drool, and a wine cellar.

One of our favourite attractions is the main pool area, housed underneath a lattice structure that appears as an upside-down bird's nest. It gives you a stunning 360-degree view of the floodplains.

museum_and_curio-jaotempfile006.jpg This would make an epic supervillain lair, Image Credit: Jao Camp

2. Nxabega Tented Camp

Pronounced "na-becca", this little camp is a haven of hospitality from the moment you land at the airstrip, welcomed with a thirst-quenching strawberry margarita and the staff singing to you.

The suites' private terraces have oversized swings, so you can experience absolute bliss and take advantage of the Instagrammable opportunity of gently swinging with a book in hand and the gorgeous African sunset behind you!

To top it all off, you can enjoy exciting bush picnics in surprising settings, breakfast in bed, lamplit cocktails on a river island, a walking safari, and more.

view-from-nxabega-overlooking-the-okavango-delta-on-a-luxury-safari-in-botswana.jpg This puts your childhood swings to SHAME, Image Credit: andBeyond

3. Sanctuary Chief's Camp

If you need an escape from reality, this is the place since it's almost unreal how great it is. Considered the predator capital of Africa, you can see African wild dogs, lions, cheetahs and leopards abound. Plus, the recently re-introduced white rhino! You may even be treated to a sighting of the baddie of the animal kingdom – the honey badger. A small but mighty creature, it's been known to take on a lion and win.

The camp has colonial vibes in terms of its design and décor, as well as a wood-fired pizza oven. We repeat, a pizza oven! You can opt for romantic poolside dinners, with hyenas calling in the distance. And, if we may be poetic for a moment, an endless sea of stars.

o2a-botswana-safari.jpg Did you even go on safari if you don't have Instagram photos to prove it? Image Credit: Sanctuary Chief's Camp

Satiate Your Okavango Delta Safari Lust

Will a trip to the Okavango Delta leave you feeling satisfied on safari? Yes, yes, a million times yes! Will it also make you crave more? Also yes. We've only scratched the surface of how amazing an Okavango Delta safari can be.

It's a mere teaser or an amuse-bouche, if you will. So amuse your bouche and contact our fabulous Travel Experts today so we can start planning your dream gay-friendly safari! We're very experienced, so the perfect partner really...


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