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The epitome of luxury is a fly-in safari. Not only do you get to skip the bumpy trip to your destinations, but you get the ultimate vantage point of Namibia's landscapes. On this luxury fly-in photographic safari, your camera's memory cards will fill up very quickly so ensure that you pack back-ups! Your tour will kick off in Kunene River, a famous oasis in the Namibian desert. After that, you'll head staright into the desert of dry Damaraland before ending your tour in the thriving safari haven that is Etosha National Park.  

At a glance

  • 2 Nights in Kunene River

  • 2 Nights in Damaraland

  • 3 Nights in Etosha National Park

Starting from $4,000 per person sharing

2 Nights in Kunene River

Dramatic River Grandeur

This well-known river flows over 325km and is located in the north of Namibia, bordering Angola. Picture dramatic waterfalls, furious white-water rapids and large, tranquil rock pools. The river lures wildlife to its banks, giving guests to the area excellent game and bird viewing opportunities.

This area is a photographer's dream and perfect for more adventurous guests who enjoy fishing, canoeing, white water rating, hiking and more.

2 Nights in Damaraland

Barren Beauty and Ancient San History

Vast, parched landscapes occupied by desert-adapted wildlife and signs of bygone eras, Damaraland is like a world of its own. With ancient San rock art adorning its mountainous areas, most notably the famous "White Lady". Home to wildlife like rhino, lion, and elephant, you'll also get to experience safari drives through the unique landscapes.

Another highlight includes the Petrified Forest, famous for its 280 million-year-old fossilised tree trunks. With so many unique landscapes, you'll capture incredible photographs!

3 Nights in Etosha National Park

The "Great White Place"

One of the biggest national parks in the world, Etosha National Park is unique in many ways. Firstly, its name "Etosha" translates to mean "The Great White Place" in the local Bantu language. The title will make sense once you see it, as it is a large, flat, ghostly white salt pan. This is because it used to be underwater and part of the ocean but has since dried up. Today, it's home to various animals, including four of the Big 5 and rare species such as the black-faced impala and black rhino.

This park is well-known for a very good reason, and you will have plenty to see and do!

Let one of our Travel Experts tailor-make your LGBTQ+ African adventure

Let one of our Travel Experts tailor-make your LGBTQ+ African adventure

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