We Like the Big 5 and We Cannot Lie

We love the Big 5, and we cannot lie about it! You simply can’t deny that a Big 5 safari is number one on your bucket list. If it isn’t, may we suggest that, much like everyone’s favourite swotty heroine, Hermione, you need to sort out your priorities because these guys are the bee’s knees. So pack your bags, darling – you have a hot date with the wonderfully wild Big 5 of Africa.

header-kruger-national-park-wildlife-lions-copyright-by-rhino-africa-1.jpg Let's show you the Big 5 usual suspects

Who Are the Usual Suspects?

Now, let’s introduce you to the baddies of the Big 5 and their regular haunts.

1. Lions

What could be better than having a little tumble with the King of the jungle? Especially if you can make him rumble. Now, truthfully, lions can be a bit lazy, but you may want to fan yourself a little when you see them because they're hotties in person. Those gorgeous silky manes will make you want their haircare tutorial pronto, their muscles are enough to make you jealous, and those raspy roars will make you shiver in a good way... Not to mention that seeing a lioness put a big and brawny male lion in his place is just chef's kiss.

So, where do you need to go to see these African queens in action? Well, look no further than Tanzania and Kenya! Because where better than the landscapes that inspired "The Lion King"? A film that, in our frankly fabulous opinion, is one of the best films ever made. Scenes such as when Timon and Pumbaa dressed in drag and danced with hulas live rent-free in many of our minds.

2. O2A-big5blog-lionimage.jpg I mean, can his mane get any more majestic? We wish our hair looked like that sans product

2. Elephants

From Africa's "King" to its "Gentle Giant", the elephant. There's something, at the risk of sounding sappy, magical about seeing an elephant up close. They have luscious lashes that are simply to die for, have figured out a way to make wrinkles look damn good and are packing some serious junk in their trunk. But despite being such a big and bold animal, you would be surprised by just how silently they can sneak through the bush. One minute, you're driving along; the next, you're in a herd of elephants just going about their day. Not to mention that they're walking advertisements for bringing down the patriarchy since a matriarchy completely rules them.

Now you know why you just have to see them in person, but where are you going to do it? We suggest Botswana or Zimbabwe. Now, Zimbabwe may seem like a quirky choice for seeing elephants, but trust us when we say they're just everywhere in places like Hwange National Park. But if you've always wanted to see an elephant use its trunk as a snorkel, then the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park are must-visit destinations.

Tsavo-national-park-kenya-red-elephants-208520498.jpg The red elephants of Tsavo National Park strutting their stuff!

3. Leopards

Leopards, for lack of a better comparison, are like the "Snow White" of the savannah, as they're the fairest of them all. Their lips may not be as red as the rose unless they've just eaten, and their coats have rosette patterns as unique as human fingerprints. They also have these arresting siren eyes that you can honestly drown in, and the way they can stealthily slink would make a supermodel jealous.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, where can you go see the fairest of them all? Before we answer, we have to know whether you can keep yourself from spilling tea because we're about to pour you a cup of one of our best in none other than the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa! The area is famous for its density of these specttacular big cats.

rhino-post-safari-lodge-wildlife-leopards-02.jpg Is it just us, or does she have Bette Davis eyes?

4. Rhinos

If you dreamed of seeing a real-life unicorn when you were a kid, look no further than the rhino. It's a chubby, armoured unicorn-like creature that's even more magical to see up close in real life, with luscious lips that will put filler to shame and confidence in its curvaceous figure that practically screams body positivity.

So if you are looking for a healthy dose of some body positive vibes one of the best places to see rhinos is in South Africa. Many reserves, such as the Sabi Sand Game Reserve and Madikwe Game Reserve, are areas where both black and white rhinos roam free and protected.

two-rhinos-in-late-afternoon-kruger-national-park-02_295879979-01-1-scaled-1.jpg Our continent's beloved chubby unicorns!

5. African Buffalo

Buffalos are big beasts covered in little beauties and quite intimidating figures. While oxpeckers are enjoying the bug buffet on a buffalo's back, it will often seem like these big guys are staring you down. But all that aside, seeing them in person is definitely an intriguing experience since you're in the presence of a creature that can take on a lion and win.

Where can you see this battle between predator and prey go down, you ask? The truth is you can pick from all of the above! These guys may not have an easy-breezy attitude, but seeing them is lemon squeezy.

silvan-safari-luxury-wildlife-buffalo-01.jpg Beauties and their beast… Image Credit: Silvan Safari

You About to Get Sprung on a Big 5 Safari

Get ready to shake your safari booty! It's time to groove with the Big 5 and make memories that'll have you singing, "I like 'em big, I like 'em chunky!" So, if you're ready to unleash your inner explorer and dance with your wild side, book your safari now and let's get this safari party started!


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