Best Countries in Africa for Gay Travellers

If you're looking for the best countries in Africa for gay travellers, look no further! We might be biased since we call this continent our home, but we can't think of a better holiday destination for the fierce and fabulous folk of the LGBTQ+ community. Africa wears many hats, and you can enjoy vastly different experiences, sights, and cultures. Our African Travel Experts have put their heads together to create a shortlist of the absolute best countries in Africa for gay travellers. Here you go…

header-young-man-in-safari-jeep-on-game-drive-looking-out_392134929.jpg Africa is a playground for gay travellers

1. Seductive South Africa

At the top of our list is South Africa! This is our home country, so it's no surprise that we're besotted with her. Not only is she stunning, but she over-delivers in experiences! Whether you like shopping up a storm, going on cultural and historical tours to learn more about the country, wine tasting, hiking up mountains, going on a Big 5 safari, fine dining, or lazing on the beach, South Africa has it all and more.

If you want an action-packed holiday with a wide range of different tastes, sights, smells, and heart-stirring moments but don't want to spend your valuable leave days travelling between destinations, South Africa is a no-brainer.

The country is also super gay-friendly, having made history as the first in the world to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation. It was also the fifth country globally to legalise same-sex marriage. So, you'll certainly feel welcome in our rainbow country!

Cape-of-Good-Hope-in-South-Africa-HD-Photo-20.jpg Cape Town is South Africa's oldest city

Must-Dos in South Africa

elephants-family-in-kruger-national-park-south-africa-AdobeStock_320641460.jpeg Safaris are a must when you're in South Africa

2. Bountiful Botswana

Botswana is for the wild at heart who cares about sustainability and wildlife. It's also oh-so-romantic!

Picture vast-open plains teeming with wildlife and very few other humans around. It's the perfect place to enjoy a digital detox and fall even deeper in love with your significant other.

Although homosexuality in Botswana was only legalised in 2019, the seclusion of the luxury lodges has made it a welcome haven for gay travellers for many years now. And we know the best gay-friendly places for you!

mokoros-man-botswana-L1B5500.jpg A mokoro safari in the Okavango Delta is one of our favourite activities in Botswana

Must-Dos in Botswana

horseback-riding-sand-botswana-L1B0981.jpg Horseback riding through the Makgadikgadi Pans

3. Remarkable Rwanda

You might not immediately think of rainforests when you think of Africa, but Rwanda is one of the best countries in Africa for gay travellers.

We love it because it feels like an entirely different planet in many ways, and you get to meet some of the last remaining mountain gorillas seeking refuge in the forested slopes. There are also other primates and wildlife and a wide range of birds and butterflies to admire here. Need some R&R? Rwanda is the perfect wellness setting for you.

If you're worried about the country being open to LGBTQ+ travellers, don't be. In fact, Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, love visiting this neck of the woods! Tourists are welcomed with open arms, although we suggest you limit the PDA when among locals.

africa-up-close-by-rhino-africa-gorillas-nest-rwanda-484.jpeg Rwanda is a wellness sanctuary

Must-Dos in Rwanda

01-baby-mountain-gorilla-hanging-off-a-tree-branch-and-being-playful-in-the-jungle-of-rwanda.jpg Meet the endangered mountain gorillas

4. Magical Mozambique

This coastline paradise is famous for its fabulous beaches and wildlife and for being one of the most underrated best countries in Africa for gay travellers. Sign us up!

Mozambique is for you whether you're a water baby and love swimming, diving, snorkelling or prefer to work on your summer glow. There's also an endless selection of cocktails and fresh seafood dishes on the menu. Yum, yum!

We love recommending Mozambique to our guests as it's one of the most gay-friendly nations on the continent.

africa-up-close-by-rhino-africa-azura-mozambique-163.jpeg If you like long walks on the beach, you'll love Mozambique

Must-Dos in Mozambique

africa-up-close-by-rhino-africa-azura-mozambique-055.jpeg You can expect sunsets to die for

5. Sunny Seychelles

Wish it was summer all year long? Love swimming but hate icy water? Then say hello to Seychelles! With 365 days of sunshine a year and wonderfully warm ocean water, this is your island paradise, honey!

The beaches steal the show, listed among the best on our planet, and the silky white sand is framed by granite boulders, lush tropical forests and glittering cerulean ocean.

This picture-perfect setting is what gay honeymoons are made of, and it definitely doesn't hurt that same-sex sexual activity is legal, so you can proudly walk hand-in-hand on the beach, especially when in tourist areas.

four-seasons-resort-seychelles-rooms-ocean-view-villa-pool-01.jpeg Your luxury villa home, Image Credit: Four Seasons Resorts Seychelles

Must-Dos in Seychelles

seychelles5-1.jpg Swim in warm waters in Seychelles

6. Never-Ending Namibia

Namibia is a top-rated destination for gay travellers! We love it because it's so rich in mysterious landscapes and species.

Home to the oldest desert in the world, desert-adapted wildlife, a coastline littered with shipwrecks, safari destinations, and so much more, it promises plenty of adventure for nature, wildlife and culture lovers.

Namibia is very gay-friendly when you book with us, your LGBTQ+ Travel Experts. We know everyone worth knowing to make your experience fabulous!

tourists-climbing-up-dune-early-morning-sossusvlei-namibia-desertjpg-1.jpg Climb the dunes at sunrise in Sossusvlei

Must-Dos in Namibia

wild-animals-pyramid-with-giraffes-springboks-and-oryxs-in-namibian-savannah-of-etosha-national-park-in-namibia-AdobeStock_127531686.jpeg All kinds of wildlife are waiting to meet you in Namibia

7. Charismatic Kenya

Kenya is the classic "Out of Africa" safari destination, and staying at one of the luxury tented camps will make you feel like you've stepped back in time.

With wide-open savannah embellished with flat-topped acacia trees and East Africa's signature sunsets, it's a safari paradise.

We love recommending Kenya to our gay travellers because the country is very geared towards gay-friendly tourism. Although homosexuality is not outlawed here, you can rest assured that if you book with us, your journey will be smooth sailing from start to finish.

acacia-trees-and-spring-green-grass-at-sunrise-on-the-maasai-mara-savannah-kenya-africa_417478128.jpeg Splendid sunset views over the savannah

Must-Dos in Kenya

03-balloon-safari-wildebeest-maasai-mara-kenya.jpg We love going on a hot air balloon safari in Kenya

8. Tranquil Tanzania

Tanzania is another one of the best countries in East Africa for gay travellers. As Kenya's neighbouring country, the annual Great Wildebeest Migration also passes through Tanzania's Serengeti National Park.

With the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, the famous Ngorongoro Crater, and Lake Natron that's pink-tinged by endless flamboyance of flamingos, there's so much to admire. Stone Town is another must-visit, where Freddie Mercury was born, and you can explore many architectural and cultural delights.

Although homosexuality is not yet legal in Tanzania, this country has been and still is a thriving tourism hub for many years, welcoming LGBTQ+ tourists.

serengeti-activities-game-drive-migrationtanzania-small.jpg Enjoy a thrilling game drive through the Serengeti National Park

Must-Dos in Tanzania

mt-kilimanjaro-landscape-tanzania.jpg The majestic Mount Kilimanjaro

9. Mesmerising Maldives

Island escape, anyone? Yas, queen! Maldives is one of our favourite Indian Ocean Islands because of its overwater resorts, which means you can jump straight out of bed and into the deep blue sea!

Although you'll be tempted to simply soak up the sun and sip on cocktails, there's plenty to do in the Maldives. Even if you don't usually like swimming, you'll change your mind once you dip your toe into the delightfully warm ocean. Plus, the Maldives offer some of the best diving and snorkelling experiences!

Although homosexuality is not legal according to Maldives' local Islamic law, the tourism areas like the resorts are mostly exempt from these regulations, and you can freely express your love.

header-centara-grand-island-resort-spa-maldives-the-over-water-villas-01.jpg Maldives looks unreal but we promise you it's just as dreamy as it looks!

Must-Dos in The Maldives

maldives059.jpg The overwater bungalows

10. Marvellous Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the most romantic best countries in Africa for gay travellers. It's the classic ooh-la-la honeymoon setting, but at the same time, some parts of the island are geared for families too.

This Indian Ocean Island offers the perfect mix of adventurous activities on land and underwater, cultural gems and plenty of nature, like botanical gardens and volcanoes to explore, as well as leisure activities, so there's really something for everyone here.

Unfortunately, homosexuality is not yet fully accepted in Mauritius. However, tourist areas have been very gay-friendly for many years.

3_tropical-relax-in-mauritius-AdobeStock_58173106.jpg Mauritius is as relaxing as it's adventurous

Must-Dos in Mauritius

seven-coloured-earth-on-chamarel-mauritius-island193607695-1.jpeg The Seven Coloured Earths

11. Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe/Zambia

Two countries share access to the mighty Victoria Falls, the world's largest sheet of falling water. And whether you visit Zimbabwe or Zambia, you'll love the experience!

We usually recommend you visit Zimbabwe if you want the best view of the Falls, whereas Zambia is exciting for specific activities like swimming in nature's infinity pool at the edge of the Falls, which is definitely not for the faint of heart! Both destinations offer excellent safaris, whether on game drives, bush walks or boat safaris.

Victoria Falls, as a tourist destination, is very welcoming to gay travellers. In fact, it's often referred to as the Gay Adventure Capital of Africa! So, even though Zimbabwe and Zambia's legislation still has to catch up, you can rest assured that the accommodation and activities we book for you will be gay-friendly.

felix-studiosvictoria-falls-18-1.jpg The Smoke that Thunders is a magnificent sight

Must-Dos in Victoria Falls

felix-studios-vic-falls-island-lodge-49-2.jpg We love sunset cruises on the Zambezi River

12. Magnificent Madagascar

Hello there, mini continent of wonders! Madagascar is one of those secret tricks we have up our sleeves. Not many people know about this dreamy destination – perhaps only from the famous animated film "Madagascar". Well, if you're a fan of the film, you'll be happy to know that you can meet the lemur character King Julien in real life!

Lemurs are cute creatures found only on this island and nowhere else on earth. Watching them go about their adorable adventures is very entertaining! Madagascar is also the largest Indian Ocean Island, with a baffling diversity of things to see and do.

Luckily, Madagascar is very gay-friendly to anyone older than 21 years. When you book with us, we will ensure you have a gay-friendly holiday from the moment you arrive.

madagascar-map-image-01.jpg The lemurs in Madagascar are very entertaining to watch

Must-Dos in Madagascar

Madagascar.jpeg The Avenue of Giant Baobabs*

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